Saturday, January 12, 2013


Movember is a moustache-growing charity. Ha ha! I don’t think that’s a good definition. It’s a men’s health charity. Many of you know it. Each November, men shave their faces and start with a clean-shaven face. Men then groom their faces for a month, growing a moustache that cannot join hair on the chin (considered a goatee) nor join with sideburns (considered a beard). Then these men act as walking, talking billboards and adverts. When someone asks “Wow! You look different! Why are you growing a moustache?” the men respond by talking about men’s health issues, raising awareness especially of prostate and testicular cancer. At that point, men invite the converser to donate towards men’s health awareness and medical research.
 Although, I’ve heard of it, this is my first time participating. I donned a moustache this past November, and felt the cold air kiss my bare chin for the first time in years. However, I did something strange. Most men raise most of the money in November and then raise more money again in November. As with most fundraising or post-disaster fundraising, after awhile the money trickles down and people forget or move on to other issues. So I decided to raise money for men’s health after November. If you’re a person who hasn’t donated to Movember’s efforts to raise money for awareness and men’s health research, you can still give all year long. You can donate through my fundraising page or through my team’s fundraising page while I still don the moustache into January. :-0) Oh, and here is an inspirational video from a team member to encourage people to shave in November.

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