Monday, August 27, 2012


I’ve seen a lot of art this past month, and I wanted to just mention one interesting installation about books. It’s called aMazeMe. It is a literally maze of books that rises to 2.5 meters high and employs over 250,000 used, second-hand, and donated books over an area of 500 square meters. The maze is a tribute to the writer Jorge Borges and mimics the shape of his fingerprint. There was contemplative music playing while you walked through the maze and literary quotes that were projected onto a black screen at the back of the maze.

 You were allowed to take any book you wanted (from the top of each stack, of course) and sit down and read on the many couches and chairs surrounding the space. You were not allowed to carry any books away, however. So I enjoyed myself. They had books on cooking, babies, languages, fencing, science, history, biology, etc. Of course there were many fiction pieces and even books in Braille. There were new books and old books, books I had never heard of and classics. They had everything in that pile. I’m happy they are donating all the books to Oxfam since many are quite useful for education. Enjoy the pictures!

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