Sunday, February 12, 2012


I wrote about two guys who I like a whole bunch, two of the best I know. I wrote that section so quickly that I left a few things out. John, the friend who epitomizes humility, is more special because he incarnates submission. The word submit can be broken into two parts—sub, meaning under, and mit meaning push/send (remit, submit, transmit, etc.). I like etymology so when I hear the word “submit” I picture getting under and pushing (someone or something) up. John does this. Around John everyone is a winner. And it takes a skill or a heart that can see people well enough to see what is good in each of them. In fact, though people have negative connotations of the word or act “judgment,” that is actually what it is in the very best sense. He judges a person weighing all parts, burning up the bad and saving and redeeming the good. And let me tell you, it works. When someone burns away your mistakes or your hard edges and just loves on you encouraging your wells of water or your stores of nutrition, it’s a type of judgment that saves. It saves you for a better day and a better life. It changes the one who is being celebrating and brings out the good and transforms. (see the section on Obama and Osama)

Mark is special, also, because he has a habit of only saying what he means. This might sound strange as if everyone does it, but many of say things we don’t mean. I know I do this. Mark is quite careful with his words. And I’ve been struggling with this because I’ve been trying to reconcile the words of a friend lately. I haven’t been able to, so that tension has been bothersome. But Mark says exactly what he means and means what he says. This is a bit novel to me, but I appreciate it so.

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