Sunday, February 12, 2012

ART - Movies

I haven’t gotten out much yet since moving. But due to traveling some, I’ve seen a few movies on the plane and a few in town.

Haywire – With this movie I was just happy that they had a leading actress who was not stereotypically model-skinny. I appreciate that and want more role models of a more typical size.

Like Crazy – I really liked this independent film. I hated (and knew) that it was one of those film where they don’t let you see what happens in the end. I have my opinions about if the relationship will last (due to certain signs throughout the movie). I you cannot relate to the situation of the couple in the film, go watch it. If you can relate to it or the situation is still emotionally close to you, don’t watch it. It’s sad.

Stupid Crazy Love – Again, for some reason this one and Like Crazy really got to me. But it’s a much better romantic comedy than the formulaic ones (there were a few moments that didn’t seem realistic). This one also doesn’t tell you what happens in the end and leaves it up to your imagination. I like that, but I’m not all that used to it.

The Town – This was an interesting film which explores the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. I think I might write a post about it in the future. I enjoyed it. It’s quite a sad film to me about a Massachusetts town that has produced the most bank robbers in the U.S.

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