Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Other than that I went to a wonderful birthday party. It was wonderful because it was Jeannie’s. She had a joint party on Tuesday when I had the formal, but the Saturday before, she had her own. She chose for us all to go see a show called “Puppetry of the Penis.” I had seen the signs but had no desire to go nor to even find out specifically what is was about though I wondered. She kept asking if I wanted to be there, but of course, I was there for her birthday not for the show. Anyway, it appears that two men have made money for the past two years bending their genitalia in different shapes like a sailboat, a hamburger, or a –I don’t even remember. It’s a bit strange; they had a book that they opened on stage, but I thought they were joking. . . .they were serious. They had a table outside afterwards with their book and DVD. So I couldn’t figure out how they made the money to support themselves, but then I realized that people go to see them. We were there to see them. The two girls next to me got up and walked out during the show. It’s hard to understand exactly. The girls on my left got up and left while the guy on my right was laughing sooo hard. I tried to understand how it was super funny. I don’t think it was. Someone later said it was amusing. But some people were laughing like it was hilarious. I think it was what you might call gross or weird or shocking or strange, but it never produced the desire to strongly laugh.

Sadly the theatre wasn’t completely full. I don’t think it was even half full so they asked us to tell our friends because they had three shows the following week (this week that just ended). I’m not sure how they fared. But this was there goodbye tour. I felt for them somewhat because they had altered the shape/length of themselves by all the constant pulling and stretching.

The vegetarian restaurant we went to afterwards was really nice. And the best thing was that I saw Jeannie alive. Back around June, say 3 months ago, it was as if she disappeared. It was hard to reach her. But it turns out she was just sick. She’s still sick as she relapses and collects new viruses. But she is doing better and she’s seen the doctor somewhere in there. And she’s writing up her the—well she’s doing the research (interviews) and dj'ing and dancing. So she seems to be enjoying life. It was nice to get together to celebrate her. I even got to see Kristin which is a friend of hers that I enjoy watching grow.

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