Friday, August 29, 2008


We have a new dog. I’m not in to dogs; I’ve never had any pets. And I have had bad experiences with dogs in which neighbors guard dogs accidentally get loose, but that’s another story. Strangely enough, our house is a very small space, one not suitable for a dog that needs space. But Anna and Radesh got one—a border collie. Someone told me it’s the type of dog that needs lots of space and is used for sheep herding (shepherding). I don’t know if that’s true because I don’t know dogs. But it did seem strange to me that Radesh (who came up with positive reasons to get the border collie based on it being the “most” intelligent breed of dog) did not know this about space. So we’ll see. Right now it’s small, 7.5 weeks, and has urinated in the house. It just got it’s shots today (Tuesday, the 29th).

Other than that, Anna’s mother is still visiting. They both went to Joburg with Radesh to visit his family. And Ryan’s girlfriend may have gone back to Port Elisabeth for studying. I’m not sure, but I haven’t seen her for a few days.

Now, today (Tuesday, August 12, 2008) Anna’s mother has left. But I wasn’t able to clean the kitchen (it was my week) due to all the stuff in the house. I had a conversation with someone in the house saying how it’s difficult for this person to clean because of all the stuff left out or in the way or left in the sink. So it becomes a bit of a large question as to what do you clean in the kitchen on your turn when people have left messes. Is that part of your job?

When my friend Autumn visited for a few days, she couldn’t take a shower the first time because of painting going on in the bathroom. I had hoped it would only be one day to minimize the wait time. So her second day (Saturday the 2nd), I had to take her to Melissa’s house to bathe so she could be clean. I went three days (Wed night to Saturday night) before bathing again. Then rules were finally put up on the door of the bathroom allowing only short showers after first testing the paint and removing all soap/shower toiletries from the tub area. So as you can guess, it’s been interesting. We were asked to pay more for electricity and water because everyone had guests. Anna’s mother was visiting. Ryan’s girlfriend visited for two weeks, and I had Rachael, Lindsay, Kate, Haley, and Autumn at different times.

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